Yarrow - The Most Versatile Healing Herb?

01 Sep

Yarrow  - The Most Versatile Healing Herb?

Yarrow, or Achillea Millefolium, is known to have great healing properties for open injuries.  It is said that the name is derived from Achilles when Yarrow was used to treat his wounded comrades.  Also called Woundwort or Soldier’s Woundwort, Yarrow cemented itself as an easily accessible and effective treatment for gaping wounds.

What is less known about Yarrow are its other uses.

A proven infection fighter, Yarrow has been used for the cure of infections both internal and topical.  Along the same lines is its use in allergy prevention.  Runny nose and watery eyes caused by allergic rhinitis, or mites on animal dander has been promisingly treated with Yarrow.

Partly because Yarrow is so plentiful, it has been associated with healing (to some degree) almost every bodily system.  The control of bleeding is one of the primary ones.  Because of its proven effects on promoting clots, it has been used in a tea or tincture for bleeding ulcers.  In the same vein,  Yarrow has been taken to inhibit heavy menstrual periods,  occult blood in the stool, and urinary tract bleeding.  Also effective for the treatment of hemorrhoids, Yarrow compresses curb blood flow.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the plant are still today commonly used as a rub for colds and flu .

Therefore, Yarrow has earned a top rating as one of the most versatile herbs.  That combined with its ease of preparation and abundance, make it a logical alternative when conventional medicine is not available or desired.

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