Uses for Catnip

15 Dec

Uses for Catnip

Some cats are crazy for catnip while others don’t care a thing about it.

I have catnip growing wild on my property and have on several occasions tried getting my two cats interested in it.  No luck.

While my cats see no benefit in it, that doesn’t mean there aren’t uses.  In fact, it’s amazing how many things this weed can be used for.  Catnip has been hailed by herbalists as a natural treatment for migrane headhaches, insomnia, cold & flu, to name only a few.

The blooming flower of the catnip plant is the part containing the medicinal qualities.  The plant’s most common form takes place in tea.  The tea can then be used for a variety of treatments as, in this form, it is easy to ingest.  Some folks also have taken to smoking the herb for purposes of relaxation and recreation.  The side-effects of doing so may outweigh the paltry effects obtained from doing so.

Nevertheless, catnip remains a powerful herb that has a wide variety of purposes.  It is very easily accessible and simple to grow making it a powerful ally in your arsenal of healing herbs.

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