Herbs for Flea Control

04 Jun

Herbs for Flea Control

As public opinion leans away from the use of pesticide, the employment of natural solutions is being looked at much more carefully.  Poisons are everywhere including, sprayed on the food we eat, in the soil of plants we grow, and, of course, in the air we breath.  When we’re confronted with pest problems, like common fleas brought in by your dog or cat, the usual solution is to throw some poison at it.

For those who don’t want to use weed killer, bug sprays,  pesticides sprayed along their baseboards, or traditional flea treatments, fennel powder is the answer..

Fennel powder can be bought as a powder as it is used as a spice herb, or more economically, the seeds can be purchased and ground into a powder.  This powder is then dropped into your carpet and even put directly on your pet to repel fleas. Simply retreat after each vacuuming.  It will ensure that the fleas leave your dog/cat as well as your house while leaving them both with a natural scent of fresh fennel.

Stables and kennels have used ground fennel seeds for many years.  Before chemical treatments were available, all flea repellents were herbs.

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