Christmas is Full of Ginger

20 Dec

Christmas is Full of Ginger

With Christmas right around the corner, it makes you wonder what some of the history of herbal uses for the holiday.  Many herbs have been associated with Christmas, the most prominent of which is ginger.  Gingerbread houses and cookies, the smell of ginger in Christmas potpourri, and ginger laden drinks are some of the typical uses for ginger at this time of the year.

But what is ginger and what are some other uses?

Ginger is a plant with clusters of white and pink flower buds that bloom into beautiful yellow flowers.  It is often used as landscaping around homes.  The part of the plant used is the root, a juicy fleshy mass known for its aromatic properties. 

Besides making merry during the holiday season, ginger can be used as a spice in cooking, flavoring for drinks, a tea used to soothe an upset stomach, just to name a few.

So spice up your holiday season with ginger!

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