Beyond Doomsday?

18 Dec

Beyond Doomsday?

With all the speculation about predictions concerning the Mayan Calendar and prognostications from Nostradamus, one must ask themselves the question… What happens after?

One of the reasons I like to run this site is because i like knowing how to do things without technology.  Before there were pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, there were healers that used plants and herbs.  If doomsday were to occur, would it be in just one day?  Or would it be over several months, years, or decades in which only the prepared survive?

The term “doomsday” can have many different connotations.  Instead of a giant asteroid crashing into the earth, there are hundreds of other scenarios that leave humankind without the comforts of modern society to which we have grown so accustomed.  If there is such an occurrence, it will most likely be of our own doing.  Our society will collapse at our own hands.

If such a state were to come in our lifetime, will you be ready?

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