Herbs, Plants, Trees and Roots | July, 2011

You entered American dogwood, the more common name is...

Infusion made from dried tree bark is used in place of quinine for malaria.


(Cornus florida)

Native to eastern North America the small flowering Dogwood tree can grow to heights of 30 feet and is usually wider than it is tall. Its leaves are opposite, simple and ovate. Around 20 small, four petal greenish-yellow flowers are produced in a round umbrel-shape that measures 1 to 2 cm in diameter forming a flower head. The flower head is surrounded by four large white, pink or red bracts, which look like petals. Flowers bloom in the spring from April to May depending on the location. In late summer or early fall the cluster of two to ten drupes, the fruit of the tree, ripen to a bright red in most cases, but occasionally a yellow with a pink blush.

Common Names:

American dogwood, Boxwood, Budwood, Cornelian Tree, Dogtree, False Box, Florida Cornel, Florida Dogwood, Flowering Cornel, Flowering Dogwood, Green Ozier, Virginia Dogwood



Infusion made from dried tree bark is used in place of quinine for malaria.


Steep 1 tbsp. bark in 1 pint of boiling water for 30n minutes and strain. Take ½ cup every 4 hours for no more than 2 days.


Fresh bark can cause stomach and bowel irritation.

With any herb, there is the risk of an allergic reaction. Small children and pregnant women should use additional caution when considering the use of herbal remedies.